It all started when we, one christmas tree farmer and one butler, got an idea. We realised that the sour taste of Spruce Shoots could be used to brew our own beer. With a really succesfull Crowdfunding-campaign where we raised 28 772 SEK to do the experiment.

Even the Vikings brewed beer on spruce shoots, we read in the literature, but also “Karolinerna” the soldiers of the Swedish King, Karl the 12th, knew that spruce shoots had a preventive effect on their health. Spruce shoots were often used once, and the beers made of spruce shoots were very popular until the late 1800s. Many explorers, such as Captain Cook, used spruce ale during their long trips because it prevented scurvy and nausea.

After the first sip we realised that this is something we have to do in a larger scale. So now we are brewing our unique Spruce Ale. The first batch will be done in late July 2014.